Occupational Health Survey

  1. Medical History Questionnaire (annual)

CITI Program Training (3 yrs)

  1. ARC General Certification

  2. Working with Mice in Research

DLAM Training (Worksafe)

  1. Species Specific Training - Mouse (in person)

  2. Aseptic surgical techniques (in person)

  3. Rodent Facility Access Training (online)

  4. Animal Barrier Facility Training and Walkthrough (in person)

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Online Course Catalog

  1. Lab Safety Fundamentals (annual)

  2. NIH Guidelines for UCLA Researchers: IBC Compliance Training (once)

  3. Biological Safety Cabinet (3 yrs)

  4. Biosafety ABC’s (3 yrs)

  5. BSL2 with BSL3 Practices (3 yrs)

  6. Medical Waste Management (3 yrs)

  7. Bloodborne Pathogens Training (annual)

  8. Laser safety fundamentals (once)

In the lab

Lab Site Safety Orientation

Lab Specific Safety Training

Equipment Training

Personnel Screening Data Sheet (Controlled Substances)